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Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2015   Studio Brain, Artworks Project Space, Walstamstow, England.
2014   The Missing Archives, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
2013   Back Catalogue (solo show at Art Brussels), stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
2010   Live Record, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
2006   The Trophy Room, Vertigo Gallery, London.
2003   Documentary, Vertigo Gallery, London.
2002   Recent Paintings, Lawrence Graham, London.
           Talking Painting (Two-person show with Julian Wakelin), Vertigo Gallery, 
1998   New Paintings, Levi's Gallery, London.
           Pubs Clubs Kebabs Minicabs, The Bedford Hill Gallery, London..


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2016    AFTER IMAGES, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
             Se souvenir des belles choses, Musée régional d'art contemporain, Sérignan, France.
2015   Contemporary Drawings from Britain, Xi'an Academie of Fine Arts, China (with L. Freud,....).
            Dessins au cube, FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier, France (with A. Slominski, M.
             Abstract Apartment, (with Phyllidia Barlow, Paul Morrison,...), Deborah House, London.
2012   OCDrawing, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium (curated by Ross Hansen).
2010   Hyping the Real, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
2009   Art Brussels, stephane simoens contemporary fine art, Knokke, Belgium.
           Art 2009: The London Art Fair,The Business Design Centre, London.
2008   Command & Control, Standpoint, London.
           Never was there so much wasted wine, so many dead flowers, Terrace Gallery, 
           Hackney, London.
           Scope London Art Fair, Lords Cricket Ground, London.
2007   Oh, Deborah!, Contemporary Art Projects, London (with Jason Brooks).
           The Bridge Art Fair, The Trafalgar Hotel, London.
2006   Art 2006: The London Art Fair, The Business Design Centre, London.
2005    Art Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany.
2004   Everyday is like Sunday, Vertigo Gallery, London.
           BlowUp, New Painting and Photo-Reality, St. Paul's Gallery, Birmigham 
           (with Glenn Brown, Jason Brooks, Paul Winstanley).
2002   30 x 30, Vertigo Gallery, London.
           Eidetic, Britart Gallery, London.
2001   Back to Reality, Vertigo Gallery, London.
           Reality Intervention, Gallery Westland Place, London.
1999   We am painting, Deborah House, London.
1998   BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery (and tour).
           Royal Over-Seas League 15th Annual Open,Overseas House, London (and tour).
1997   The Summer Exhibition, The Blue Gallery, London.
1996   Art in Academia, Christie's, London.
1995   BA Fine Art Degree Show, The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University.

Kevin Hunt (born in 1983) is an artist, curator and writer based in Liverpool where he is also
a director of The Royal Standard.

He makes sculpture using found, redundant objects, particularly furniture which is
reconfigured into something new. The objects used are often rendered functionless by the act
of beautification or their function is shifted in some way, eradicating any original purpose
whilst exposing an inherent aesthetic that has always lay within. By irreversibly altering these
things and simultaneously raising their status, the work attempts to question what it is to be
an object in the world and how these objects come to exist as sculpture.

The act of making, although premeditated, regularly turns out to be more casual, allowing for
serendipitous and chance happenings. The resultant sculpture hovers in abeyance, ready to
break, morph or somehow change further, often having no definite end point by existing as
brittle, precarious, visually unstable or inherently flawed structures that in some way have the
ability to continue to evolve after they have been realised, something which is an enduring
concern within his practice.

Recent exhibitions include Built Overnight (curated by Rhubaba) as part of The Annuale,
Edinburgh (2010), Global Studio at The Bluecoat, Liverpool (2010), NO SOUL FOR SALE at
Tate Modern, London (2010), Honk Kong ArtWalk within the public realm of Hong Kong
(2010), Arctic Fox at Vulepes Vulpes, London (2009) and Trade City, Contemporary Art
Manchester at the CHIPS Building, Manchester (2009).
Kevin also participated in Rendez-Vous 09, at the Institut d’art Contemporain, during the Xth
Biennale de Lyon, Lyon in 2009.

Kevin HUNT

b. 1983 Liverpool, UK

Lives works Liverpool


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