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Stephane Simoens Contemporary Fine Art is pleased to present 'Robert Mangold Works on Paper, 1975-2004'. The collection of work will be on view from 2 August through 10 September, 2019, with the opening reception on Friday, 2 August, 5-8pm. 


Over the course of his career, Robert Mangold has created a strong visual language; a language rooted in the compositional elements of shape, line and colour. 


Works on Paper, 1975 - 2004 showcases drawings from his geometric framework of columns, crosses, arches and trapezoids married with thoughtful graphite ellipses or undulating line work. Each piece harboured in the Mangoldian monochromes of grey, tan, orange and terra cotta that have laid the foundation for his signature minimalist style. 


The show offers a sampling of three decades of Mangold’s thoughtful attention to balancing architecture and abstraction and his ability to create a complex visual experience which is at once challenging and meditative. His use of subtle colour mixed with structural elements and curvilinear form have a visual clarity that remain identifiable, yet innovative, classical and contemporary.  

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